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Blunt fill&filter needle

Blunt fill needle

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Blunt fill needles  

  Blunt Fill Needles are used for the draw-up of medication, re-constitution of medication and for accessing IV bags. These are often used to replace standard hypodermic needles and further reduce the risk of needle stick injuries. 




1. Compatible with all syringes on the market


2. Ideal for use on single or multi-dose vials


3. Eliminates/reduces risk of needlestick injury


4. 45° angle cut on bevel reduces coring of vial stopper


5. 18G helps ensure flow rate is not impeded during drawing up


6. 1 ½” needle aids penetration of different septum barriers


7. Strong red colour of hub aids easy identification of needle


8. Suitable for use with viscous liquids


9. Sterile, single-use and latex-free




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