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Veterinary needle

Veterinary Needles

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1) The Veterinary Needles we manufacture is made of stainless steel which is reusable with so many advantages:

2)Luer-Lock can be available in square and round Hub and HUB is made from nickle plated brass.

3)Stamp mark on the Hubs and easy to idenfy the gauge size of the needles.

4)Cannula made of stainless steel surgical grade steel, triple bevel sharp point grinding for easy penetration.

5)Thick walled cannula prevent needle point bending during repeated use.

6)Leak proof joint between Hub and cannula prevents cannula come out of Hub during injection.

7)Supplied in plastic box packing of 12PCS.

8)With Ultra-sharp, tri-bevelled and Sterileneedle, which is best suitable for veterinary use.

9)Different needle bevels or blunt type
10)Different size available
11)shaft material SUS 304
12) bulk or sterile
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