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Needle free connector

Needle free connector

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Needle free connector



1)Positive pressure prevent catheter block and aeroembolism.


2)Patent design of positive pressure avoids back flow of blood during removal of syringe.This will help to prevent blood clot at the calther tip inside the blood vessel.


3)High quality silicone valve allows multiple insertion at the injection port without leakage.


4)Two sealing rings at the upper and lower end of the stalk keep the connector out of air,fluid and foreign Matter.


5)The straight flow of fluid path creates less turbulence and complies with proper transfusion protocol.


6)The holding capacity of remaining fluid is less than 0.06ml.


7)Standard Luer connector, compatible with most injection and infusion apparatuses, tight connection ensures no leakage of liquid.


8)Types: Single line, Double line and Triple line.


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