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Scalp vein set

Safety Blood Collection Set

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Safety Blood Collection Set


     a. Latex free

     b. Soft and transparent tube, can observe the vein blood flow clearly

     c. Double wings make puncture safe

     d. Different color wings means different size.




OD(mm) GAUGE COLOR CODE 16 20 25 38
5/8” 3/4” 1“ 1 1/2”
 safety blood collection set  0.55 24G purple 01-106
0.60 23G blue 01-107
0.70 22G black 01-108
0.80 21G green 01-109
0.90 20G yellow 01-110
1.10 19G cream 01-111
1.20 18G pink 01-112




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 sterile, individual package, 5000pcs/carton


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 We can make OEM as customer's request.

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Shanghai Mekon founded in 1996, as the leading medical device company, we are dedicated to the researching and developing and producing of injection products. Through the ISO 9001 quality system and CE product certification, we will provide secure and efficient products to market.
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Insulin pen needles, blood collection needles, spinal needle, dental needle, disposable needle, epidural needle, chiba needle, huber needle, fistula needle, microcannula for fillers, different irrigation needle, blunt needle, biopsy needle, introducer needle, scalp vein set and veterinary needle.
Development of special needles according to customer's drawing and request.
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Mekon is committed to public health needs, by listening to customers' request and services, we can better understand the needs of customers, and this helps us to improve our existing products and develop new products.  



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